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4 days, the number of participants: min - 6, max - 12

This course will focus on analysing the tectonic structures which arose during the subsequent stages of folders, which also led to the formation of several faults within the various sedimentary rocks. During the course the students will focus on the origin, the appearance of and interpretation of the tectonic structures found within the Świętokrzyskie mountains and the surrounding Mesozoic margin. The curriculum covers problems related to folds, crashes and slides, methods of determining the relative age of formation of individual tectonic structures, and the usefulness of structural analysis in the search for mineral resources and hydrocarbons. Classes are characterized by a practical learning approach, and will begin with a brief theoretical introduction in the form of a lecture. The classes will then continue on site with a project then being undertaken, which will be based on what is covered on the course.

 Course scope:

  • Genesis and nomenclature of tectonic deformation.
  • The terminology of extracurricular and contracting tectonic structures.
  • Methodology for determining the relative time of formation of particular tectonic structures.
  • Recognizing the spread and the stages of the evolution of tectonic hydrocarbon traps.
  • Assessment of seawater hydrocarbon sealing and / or hydrocarbon sealing capacity. Assessment of the potential for metal ore accumulation.



logouniaConstruction of the European Center for Geological Education in Chęciny. Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship 2007-2013